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The Space Race: Tips for Renting a Meeting Room by the Hour

Whether you’re hosting a training seminar, a board meeting, or an awards banquet, renting the perfect meeting space by the hour is both art and science. The venue you select, after all, has to be both convenient and functional. It has to offer aesthetic appeal and modern business amenities. And that’s not always an easy combination to come by.

The good news, though, is that if you’re looking for an hourly rental space for your next big corporate event, the San Francisco Bay area has some of the best venues around. This article gives you the tips you need to know to find the best meeting space for rent by the hour.

1. Determine Your Needs

The first step in finding the ideal rental venue is to determine what your specific needs are. This requires you to differentiate your deal-breaking must-haves from your ideal would-like-to-haves. 

This distinction is going to depend very much on what the overarching purpose of the gathering is. If your meeting is designed simply to bring the team together to foster camaraderie, celebrate a holiday, or commemorate a company milestone, then the odds are that space and comfort will be your must-haves, while other amenities, such as wi-fi access or advanced AV capabilities, may be the desirable bonuses. 

At The Box SF, for example, our famed Gate Room is frequently commissioned to host corporate dinners, banquets, or receptions. The Gate Room offers sweeping views of the city from its exquisite floor-to-ceiling art deco windows, as well as a grand banquet table carved from the centuries-old doors of a Chinese village gate.

2. Consider Functionality

In much the same way that you should determine what your rental space absolutely must have in order to make your gathering a success, you should also consider the overall functionality of the space. After all, as meticulous as your planning may be, no gathering can be expected to evolve exactly as predicted. And that means that you will want a space that is functional and versatile, no matter what the course of events may bring.

If you are looking for a meeting space for your next company training session, for instance, it’s always advisable to have an assortment of presentation and productivity tools at your disposal. This allows you to improvise in your coaching processes, based on your team’s needs and levels of engagement. 

The Box SF, for instance, offers a diverse selection of meeting rooms available for hourly rental. The rooms come in myriad shapes and sizes, but all feature an array of state-of-the-art technologies, including projection equipment and pull-down screens. We also provide furniture, which will be set up and configured to your exact specification by our experienced guest services teams. All of their Suites are furnished with stunning Antique Furniture, and the venue has an array of tables and chair options on site for any variety of configuration.

3. Make It Special

If you’re seeking a meeting space for hourly rental, then you need something that isn’t just functional but that’s also exceptional. There needs to be a reason, after all, for holding your gathering offsite. So look for a space that offers more than what your on-campus board rooms and training areas can provide.

For instance, The Box SF has earned its reputation as one of the Bay Area’s premier event venues both for the utility of its rental spaces and for the unique history and charm of the building itself. Built in 1926, the building in which The Box SF now stands was the home of the iconic William Randolph Hearst’s San Francisco printing plant.

In 2017, this historic building was lovingly restored to its original grandeur, complete with the period embellishments of Jazz Age San Francisco. The Box SF features attractions designed to delight and fascinate connoisseurs of history and aficionados of the written word alike. On the first floor is The Mercantile, a working replica of an authentic 19th century letterpress printing shop and  general store. Adjoining it is The Pressroom, featuring one of the largest collections of rare books, print ephemera, and antique printing equipment in the US. Below ground, guests will find The Sipping Room, a hidden speakeasy accessed by two movable fireplaces and featuring a fully-stocked wine and spirits cellar as well as food and beverage service.    

And what this means is that, when you rent a meeting room at The Box SF, you’re getting far more than just a physical space to conduct your training, presentation, or brainstorming session. You’re providing your team, investors, and colleagues with an unforgettable and inspiring experience. You’re helping them to shake off the cobwebs of the old, the familiar, and, yes, the tired. You’re infusing interest and novelty–and that will only be of benefit when it comes to motivating and engaging your crew, when it comes to fostering innovation and creativity in your team.

4. Know What You’re Getting

When you’re renting a meeting space by the hour, understanding precisely what is included in that rental is imperative. You don’t want to find your company getting nickel and dimed to death with add-on service fees that you didn’t expect. 

For instance, if you’re expecting food or beverage services, equipment or furniture setup, or technical support to be offered with the rental, then that’s something that should be clearly spelled out in the rental agreement. At The Box SF, our guest services teams provide a full suite of services, including a number of  catering options. We also offer referrals and recommendations from our list of approved food service providers. We further  provide tech and furniture support, as well as event planning services for nearly everything you might need. Want to add a guitarist for background music? Or perhaps beautiful floral arrangements throughout? Uplighting or branding opportunities? The producers of the Box SF can make your vision happen with ease.

In addition to determining what services and amenities are included in the rental agreement, you will also want to ensure that you are clear on other aspects of the rental contract. This should include, for example, determining what, precisely, the venue’s cancellation and/or refund policies are, as well as whether there are any fees associated with late arrivals or departures. 

Provisions concerning the appropriate use of the space should also be clarified in writing, including determining who is responsible for clean-up, whether a cleaning deposit is required and, if so, whether the deposit is refundable (and under what conditions). Renters should also inquire about prohibited items or activities in the space, liability for injury or property damage, and accessibility features for guests with special needs.

Find Your Ideal Meeting Space at The Box SF

As suggested above, finding the ideal meeting space for hourly rental can be more complicated than you might have thought, but the ex[ert guest services team at The Box SF is here to help. Our flexible meeting spaces are perfect for small and mid-size corporate events of every stripe. We offer reasonable hourly rates and a full suite of services. Contact us today to learn more! 

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