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Events At The Moscone: Corporate Rental Spaces Near Moscone Center

Planning an Event Near the Moscone Center in San Francisco

The Moscone Center has for decades served as the Bay Area’s preeminent convention centers and exhibition spaces. It is home to some of the world’s most illustrious corporate, scientific, and cultural events. In 2023 alone, the Moscone Center will host the prestigious Design Automation Conference (DAC),the Game Developers Conference, Salesforce and their annual DreamForce Conference, the ACEP Scientific Assembly Conference and Expo for emergency medicine, and the annual convention of the Modern Language Association (MLA), among many others.  

What this means is that, now more than ever, the San Francisco Bay Area in general and the Moscone Center in particular are premier destinations for business professionals across a wide range of industries and from around the World. And yet, no two business travelers are identical, nor are their needs, goals, and interests exactly the same. 

That is why, when it comes to planning your next business event near the Moscone Center, it helps to think outside the box–or, rather, inside The Box SF. The Box SF is a historic building that  features premium amenities, vintage grandeur, and a wide variety of customizable rental spaces, offsite, drop in conference lounges, and is ideal for an intimate business luncheon or a mid-sized corporate event.

And that means that The Box SF is an ideal venue for your offsite business event, offering a welcome retreat from the hubbub at the Moscone and yet still close enough to allow your guests to walk over yet remain at the center of the action.

Read on to learn more about why The Box SF is the ideal site for small and mid-sized business gatherings just 2 blocks West of  the famed Moscone Center.

Customizable Rental Spaces

As we’ve seen, the Moscone Center is a mecca for major industry events of every stripe, from conferences and conventions to expos and exhibitions and beyond. And that means that it’s a magnet for professionals who want to remain at the top of their game.

But what it also means is that collaboration with a select cadre of peers can be quite a challenge. And when you’re looking for an intimate space free of the tumult of a massive convention center hosting hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors at once, The Box SF offers all you could want or need–and much more.

  The Box SF features multiple rental spaces spanning three floors of our historic building. Each event space is outfitted with the latest technology to ensure the success of your gathering, be it a board meeting,Product demos, customer lounges, training seminar, presentation, business luncheon, or dinner banquet. Stylish custom furnishings are available and our expert guest services team will gladly furnish and configure the room to your specifications.

But the stellar service at The Box SF doesn’t end in providing our corporate guests with an ideal space in which to train, strategize, or network. We also strive to ensure that guests of your event, no matter how large or small, enjoy an experience that is second-to-none. Our event spaces are available for rent by the hour, day, or evening. Spaces may be reserved in blocks or separately–it’s all up to what you want and your event needs.

We also offer a full complement of event services, from assisting with full techinical build-out, to providing an array of Catering options, drink services and full Bar options. If your catering needs are a bit more ambitious than what our in-house team can provide, we will gladly refer you to one of our approved and proven partners.

Across the years, we have built thriving relationships with some of San Francisco’s finest caterers and restaurants and that is what enables us to provide our guests with all the resources they need to make their dream event a reality.

It is precisely this kind of knowledgeable and personalized services that makes The Box SF an ideal venue for your offsite gathering. Our proximity to the Moscone Center makes it simple for your guests to attend a conference event in the morning and spend the afternoon or evening conferring with colleagues in the intimate, stylish, and functional surroundings of The Box SF.

A Break From the Ordinary

To be sure, there is no shortage of rental spaces in San Francisco. And that means that if you’re looking for a Event space near the Moscone Center but apart from it, one that is close enough to make the center’s events easily accessible, but far enough away to offer both privacy and convenience, you’re going to have fewer options.

But you’re only going to have one The Box SF.

And that matters for all the reasons we’ve elucidated above) multiple customizable spaces perfect for corporate gatherings of a variety of sizes, high-tech amenities to ensure your meeting is productive as well as comfortable, and best-in-class service to exceed your guests’ highest expectations for a business event. 

That is not all, though, that distinguishes The Box SF from its nearest rivals. Of the landmark building’s many attributes, perhaps none shine more brightly than the unique history and charm of the place. The Box SF isn’t just any old building. Historic San Francisco is full of those. What makes The Box SF different, however, are its story and its style. The former home of the printing factory of America’s first true media mogul, William Randolph Hearst, the building we currently occupy was originally built in 1926. In 2017, it was lovingly restored to its original grandeur, each detail painstakingly crafted to reflect the elegance, charm, and still of its turn-of-the-century origins. 

That history is illuminated not only in the architectural flourishes of the building restoration, but also in some of its most compelling features: The Mercantile, The Pressroom, The Gate Room, and The Speakeasy and the second floor Private Meeting Suites that overlook the Pressroom.


The Mercantile features an authentic, working replica of a 19th century mercantile and letterpress printing shop and is the frequent site of photo and film shoots. The Pressroom, in homage to the building’s origins as Hearst’s printing factory, boasts one of the largest collections of antique letterpresses and machinery, rare books, and print ephemera, attracting tourists and scholars alike.

The Gate Room, located on the top floor of our building, provides spectacular views of the San Francisco skyline from its art deco-inspired floor-to-ceiling windows. At the center of the room is the massive table for which the room is made, a 337 year-old custom Village Gates from the gates of an ancient Chinese village.

the gate room the box sf

And beneath it all is The Sipping Room, an authentic below ground speakeasy, accessible from two movable fireplaces and featuring a fully stocked wine cellar and whiskey room. It’s called The Sipping Room, and can accommodate up to eight guests at a time in rotation, is available for rental with the booking of any other rental space and of course offers food and drink service.

Why The Box SF Is Your Go To Spot For Planning an Event Near the Moscone Center

And, taken together, what this means is that, from our central location just two blocks from the Moscone Center, you will find everything you need to host your colleagues and professional peers in vintage Bay Area style. Contact the expert guest services team at The Box SF today to start planning your event! 

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