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The Art of Active Networking is Back!

Something Very Different this Week!

Here in The Pressroom and Mercantile of The Box SF
we have always done any things. In addition to the Mercantile, we have one of the premier small event venues in California. Now that it is reopen, we are bringing back a very popular event called “The Art of Active Networking”. Mark started these events 14 years ago, and he has taken them to 17 cities and 5 countries worldwide. It is the most unique Networking Event you will ever attend and we have always held these events for The Art of Active Networking here in our spaces. So, August 2nd, after a long absence, we are bringing them back in an attempt to unify our Community and to help each other do better, as many are struggling right now.



In addition to the event we are offering one new thing!
We work with Designers, Startups, Foodies, Speakers, Makers, Printers, Book Artists, Collage Artists, Painters, Journalers, Sculptures, Musicians, Small Prepared Food Makers, Wineries, Authors and Artists of every kind. B
ecause of the absence of Galleries, In Person Street Fairs and many traditional

Retail and Marketing outlets, artists and Makers--as well as small and micro businesses--are too often disproportionately suffering due to the pandemic .

Because of this, we are going to offer a table at our events to any artist, maker, etc., who would like to sell and exhibit for the evening.

The cost is $50 dollars which includes your $20 ticket for the event. We will provide a 6 foot table and a black linen for you. You keep any money from sales and add folks to your email lists etc. The $30 cost really covers the table, cleaning the linens and staffing costs for the evening.

The event is very valuable, as any of the 25,000 people worldwide who have attended can attest. Join us to rebuild our community and get back to helping each other thrive and do better in life, love, and business!


We sincerely hope to see you are our first Monthly Event
in 2 years!

Tickets are available only at:

Our Website is:
The Art of Active Networking

(Mark’s TED Talk is here as well.)

Let's get to it!

Call us with any questions at all 415-602-9500


Mark E. Sackett / Melanie Roller / Israel St. Lewis

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As always, we are open everyday from 10am - 5pm at our San Francisco location and all the time at! 
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