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Butter-Nut Bread - Sure to Please!
Image of Butter-Nut Bread girl holding bread

1920's BUTTER-NUT BREAD Store Display Advertisement

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100% Guaranteed Old and Authentic - NO REPRODUCTIONS

Approx. Size(inches): 7 x 10

Approx. Age: 1920s

Condition: Good, see photos

Company:  Schulze Advertising Service

1920's Cardboard Butter-Nut Bread store display advertisement. Featuring an illustration of young girl holding a loaf of bread, this cardboard display is in beautiful vintage/ antique condition with only small amounts of weathering. It looks as if the black ink used for the text smeared a bit during the printing process, but this just adds a bit of charm and history to the piece. A wonderful piece of early 20th century advertising!

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