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Where to Rent a Conference Room Near the Moscone Center

Tips for Renting a Conference Room Near the Moscone Center 

The San Francisco Bay Area is celebrated for many things: the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, The Presidio. But San Francisco offers more than breathtaking natural beauty, exquisite architecture, and rich history. The Bay Area is also renowned as a center of industry and a seat of learning, drawing professionals from every industry and the furthest corners of the globe. 

And, for scientists, technologists, educators, and entrepreneurs the world over, San Francisco’s Moscone Center is the premier venue for bringing the leading voices together. Additionally, the Moscone Center is perfect for exploring innovations in the field, and for networking with others at the top of their professional game. 

But the Moscone Center isn’t just for business. Its exhibition spaces are also beloved by hobbyists, connoisseurs, and aficionados of every stripe, from elite gamers attending the Independent Game Festival to discerning foodies savoring the delights of the annual Winter Fancy Food Show.

Indeed, the Moscone Center has become a hub of activity and excitement, no matter your area of interest or expertise. And yet the Moscone Center is by no means the only game in town. In fact, a wide array of smaller venues can be found scattered throughout the city. These convention spaces offer convenience, proximity, and functionality in a smaller footprint. But none of them feature the charm, history, or unique amenities of The Box SF.

A Premier Event Venue Within Walking Distance of Moscone Center

No matter your particular area of interest or practice, the odds are quite good that The Moscone Center will host events that align with your field, attracting colleagues and prospective customers alike. 

And that means that Moscone Center events present a prime business opportunity–a chance to grow your customer base, to connect with leading figures in your industry, and to optimize your employees’ skills and enhance and update their knowledge. 

But you can’t expect to take fullest advantage of such an opportunity unless and until you have the right tools in place. And that starts with securing the best venue for your staff, partners, customers, and clients to gather, a venue in close proximity to relevant Moscone events but distant enough to provide the privacy you and your stakeholders need to collaborate and deliberate. 

The Box SF offers such a central location. Located just two blocks west of the Moscone Center, it’s an easy walk for Moscone event attendees. And that makes it an ideal site for attracting prospective partners, team members, and clients from across the nation and around the world. These reasons add to why The Box SF is the perfect place to rent a conference room near the Moscone Center.

Elevating Your Event

To be sure, if you’re looking for a rental space to host a trade show, training seminar, drop in lounge, or board or strategy meeting concurrently with a Moscone Center event, you have many options. But none of these can compare to the rare attributes of The Box SF.

That’s because The Box SF is not your run-of-the-mill convention space. It’s a site that uniquely combines history with modernity, a venue that blends vintage appeal with state-of-the-art technology. The former home of William Randolph Hearst’s printing plant, The Box SF building has proudly presided over the famed South of Market (SoMa) district for nearly a century. In 2018, the venue was lovingly restored to its original grandeur, the Art Deco aesthetic of the early 20th century revived in painstaking detail. The magnificent Gate Room, for instance, features breathtaking views of the city from the sparkling floor-to-ceiling windows.  At the center of the room stands the monumental conference/banquet table for which it is named, carved from the nearly 350  year old gates of an historic Chinese village.

But the antique appeal does not end there. On the first floor of The Box SF, you’ll find The Pressroom and Mercantile, a working replica of an authentic 19th century general store, and Letterpress Shop, featuring one of the world’s largest collections of rare books, print ephemera, and antique printing equipment.

Below ground, you’ll find The Sipping Room, a hidden speakeasy accessible by two antique moving fireplaces. The speakeasy features a fully stocked wine cellar and offers food and beverage service for up to 10 guests for that super elite meeting.

And what all this means, ultimately, is that, from the basement to the top floor, The Box SF provides rental convention spaces near the Moscone Center, sites to offer your guests not just a space to gather, learn, and collaborate but venues for discovery and delight. The Box SF gifts conference attendees not just with functional meeting spaces but with unforgettable experiences sure to make the event more than merely productive but also inspiring and exciting.

Where Form Meets Function

As inviting as The Box SF’s historic spaces are, they’re not going to meet your needs if they’re not also highly functional for the modern business professional. The good news is that we’ve got you covered there as well.

That’s because The Box SF’s meeting rooms haven’t just been restored, they’ve also been renovated to include the latest and greatest technological features today’s clients have come to expect. We offer secure, high speed wi-fi access in every room, as well as advanced audiovisual technologies, such as pull-down projection screens, video monitors, streaming and more

The Box SF is also proud to offer customized room configuration for every event need, from theater seating to trade show display stands to individual and small group work stations for training seminars. Our experienced guest service and venue management teams partner with our clients at every stage of the event planning process, from choosing the space to selecting the event layout to identifying the event’s unique technology needs.

We also offer light food and beverage service options and can recommend our full-service caterers for more specialized needs. On the day of the event, we will set up the room for you, per your specifications. We will also provide onsite support as you work with your technology and conduct the conference, trade show, strategy meeting, or training seminar of your dreams.

Plan Your The Box SF Event    

There’s always something exciting happening at the Moscone Center and the dedicated professionals at The Box SF are ready and waiting to help you create a parallel event that exceeds your highest expectations. Reach out to us today to select your perfect rental space for your small to mid-sized corporate event at The Box SF.

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