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5 Ways to Seriously Bolster Your Conference Room Experience

Have you attended a conference room or specialty meeting recently? Well, many people have attended or even hosted some kind of corporate or celebratory event in their lifetime. As a matter of fact, at The Box SF, we have hosted hundreds of events with many different requests. With that, it becomes important to understand that these kinds of experiences can always be improved for everyone involved. A strong illustration of these strategies comes within our Meeting Room Rentals located in San Francisco. Ultimately, these strategies when implemented correctly, can help improve the overall experience of a conference room.

The 5 strategies are as follows;

  1. Acoustics
  2. Make it Comfortable 
  3. Give people options
  4. Make an impact
  5. Incorporation

1) Acoustics

Within a conference room, many things are going on. In saying this, many companies choose to invest in pro microphones and good quality speakers to better communicate with a larger group of individuals. This is ultimately to create a more in-tune connection between the speaker and the participants. However, it becomes important to understand that a good microphone and speakers aren’t what makes the entire space. 

One of the most important factors has to be ensuring the acoustics are right within a room. In doing so, this allows participants to hear one another without any kind of sound reduction. Hence, make sure to pay a lot of attention to the space so that you can place speakers or speak from a place that allows everyone within the room to understand you clearly.

2) Make it Comfortable

To impress people you are going to have to do someone they have never experienced before. This means going out of your way to create a space that is impressive to participants to increase their overall productivity. In saying this, discomfort distracts and derails creativity. For example, annoying fans, flickery lights, and wobbly desks can make it difficult for people to stay focused on the topic at hand. As well, ensuring there is enough space in the room itself becomes important as nobody wants to feel cramped like a sardine with the person next to them. 

Thus, try making a list of distractions within the conference room so that you can keep track of them regularly and hopefully create solutions for them. In doing so, this not only makes the seating arrangement more adequate or gives people more table space, but it allows people to reach their full potential in a facilitated space. 

3) Give people options

The days of conference meetings with a whiteboard are gone. With all the advancements that have been made as a result of technology, more sophisticated procedures have taken their place. Not only that, but collaboration has become a facet that is more prevalent within workspaces, as this encourages a larger array of ideas. 

From this perspective, it's important to give people many ways to connect with you during conference meetings. For example, maybe everyone can’t attend the meeting in person, so you create an online call that allows them to still listen in on the information that is going on. This enables easy to access features that otherwise would be hard to manage during a pandemic. For this reason, try and think of the people first and what you can do to get the largest number of individuals involved and connected

4) Make an Impact

For many people, a conference meeting can be the first step towards establishing their brand. With that, it's important to understand that meetings are an extension of your brand, as people want to feel a connected experience through interaction. Hence, your conference meetings should feel like an extension of your brand instead of an unfamiliar space.

This is why you should understand every aspect of your brand, especially the marketing team. Various brand elements like colors, logos, and brand personality will become especially important to incorporate within your conference meetings. In doing so, this provides a level of familiarity as people can recognize your brand and begin to extend your company's personality through future interactions.

5) Incorporate

Nowadays technology is becoming a more prevalent part of everyday life. With that, more and more people have adapted to technology to become more proficient in the workplace. Therefore, introducing the same ideology into the conference room is very important to boost morale and overall awareness. By skillfully introducing technology, people are going to feel more easily integrated within the environment. As well, this helps make good first impressions, as various source options create convenience which builds a positive opinion.