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5 Amazing Tips To Choose A Corporate Venue

We all need to host corporate events at some point in our life to celebrate milestones and look back at all the work that had to be done to achieve important goals. Some events like talent appreciation nights, sales achievement events or just an offsite retreat for the team. Below are some key factors you should consider while choosing a venue for hosting corporate events.

  1. Guest list 
  2. Location
  3. Budget 
  4. Brand Reflection
  5. Facilities 

1) Guest list

An important factor to consider while choosing a venue while hosting a corporate event, are the demographics of those who will be invited to the event. A corporate venue is not one size fits all and a venue must be suited to who will use the venue and what the purpose of the event is.

For example, if the event is for a sales team to celebrate their yearly quota achievement, it will have to include a mix of some indoor events to celebrate the important contributors and some outdoor activities too. If the event is to bring together a bunch of freshers for a training or to teach them team building activities. The industry people work in also plays an important role while picking a venue to host a corporate venue. Those who work in technology tend to prefer a more casual environment compared to say those who work in a bank.

The location chosen should reflect the characteristics of people who will be guests at the venue.

2) Location 

The location to host a corporate venue is crucial to hosting a corporate event. This factor decides if the event participants are willing to attend the event. There is different consideration a person will have to make while attending an event. If the event is far away from his/her house, many people will be forced to reconsider their attendance to the event because of personal obligations at home. Having the location of a venue that is easily accessible will reduce the chances of the attendees arriving late to the venue. Accessibility is another criterion to consider. If the location is not easily accessible, it might discourage people from attending events.

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3) Budget 
Whether the event is held because the sales team achieved their targets or because the top level management is celebrating a successful profit growth in the financial year, staying within the budget is important. Before booking the venue, it is important to tick what is included and what is not. For example, is Wi-Fi included? Does the venue include food and beverages and if yes, for how many people? It is important to have clarity a breakup on the numbers to host an event to avoid any cost overruns.

4) Brand Reflection
Does the corporate venue reflect the values your brand stand for? A technology company from San Francisco will have a more casual and relaxed company culture and the venue should reflect these values. A financial institution like a bank will have a formal organizational culture, the venue should be formal and not very experimental in its ambience. These days companies are going big while branding themselves as carbon conscious. Companies prefer to host events with lots of flora around the venue to reflect the brand’s initiatives of adapting their business model to a more carbon conscious model.

5) Facilities 
Does the venue provide facilities like parking, a counter to serve food and drinks to the attendees? If the corporate event is going to last for more than a day, does the venue provide accommodate on for the guests? These are non- negotiable factors to host any successful event. The facilities provided need to make guests comfortable during the event.