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MJB Coffee Tin - LARGE
MJB Coffee Tin - Back
MJB Coffee Tin - LARGE - side
MJB Coffee Tin - WHY?

Large Antique M.J.B COFFEE CAN Tin || "Why?"

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MJB Coffee Can Cool - Why?

100% Guaranteed Old and Authentic - NO REPRODUCTIONS

Approx. Size(inches):  6 x 6

Approx. Age: 1920's/ 1930's

Condition: Good, see photos.

Company: MJ Brandensteim & Co. 

An amazing and large M.J.B Coffee tin from the early century for sale. This item is in good shape for a tin of this size and age. The label has its fair share of scratches and dings, but its remains intact and still very clean, clear and legible. The tin itself is tarnished and, unfortunately, the rusting process has begun. Despite the age damage, this tin is a wonderful, displayable piece, unique for its design (the large "WHY?" printed on the side) and its size!

Please see our photos for a closer look! Thank you!

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