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Inland Printer full page advertisement
Back reviews of About a Good Print Shop

Inland Printer Double-sided, Full Page "ABOUT A GOOD PRINT SHOP" Print Advertisement

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Inland Printer - Printer's Advertisement 

100% Guaranteed Old and Authentic - NO REPRODUCTIONS

Approx. Size(inches): 8.5 x 11.5

Approx. Age: Early 1900s

Condition: Good, 'like new' condition. See photos.

Company: Griffith, Axtell & Cady Company

For your consideration, a full page advertisement promoting The Griffith, Axtell and Cady Company's printing book. A wonderful example of early century advertising and print shop history, this piece is in mint condition and almost looks like it was printed today! As the ad says: "Don't wait until your last dollar. The edition is limited."

Please see our photos for a closer look at this item! Thank you for viewing!