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Glass Oil of Clove Bottle
Essential oil of clove -- Fritzsche Brothers, Inc.
Back of the bottle Essential Oil of Clove

Antique Fritzche Brothers Oil of Clove || Essential Oil Bottle

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Great Vintage Clove Essential Oil Bottle

100% Guaranteed Old and Authentic - NO REPRODUCTIONS

Approx. Size(inches):   2 x 4

Approx. Age: Early 1900's

Condition: Good, see photos

Company: McKesson & Robbins

Beautiful tinted glass clove essential oil/ perfume bottle. This bottle is in fair to good condition. The label has chipped and deteriorated in areas, but is still legible and clean. Some one sometime in the past made several notes on the wrapper in pencil, adding to its history. Beautiful label has a wonderful decorative border. Bottle is empty. 

Please see our photos for a closer look!