The Box SF the former 'William Randolph Hearst Printing Plant' and formerly one of San Francisco’s premiere event spaces has been transformed and restored to accommodate a wealth of printed history, product, books, packaging, antiques and original and hand crafted letterpress printed matter and related hand-crafted product.

The Pressroom on the ground floor of this three story building, has presses dating as early as 1841. Each of our Printing presses have been perfectly restored and are in working order. The Box SF prints, produces, exhibits, sells and educates it’s Client’s on the remarkable and varied types of printing that were done in the past and continues using those same methods in our own work everyday!

The entire building is filled with millions of pieces of antique and rare ephemera, prints, posters, labels, cards, books, packaging and graphic objects dating from 1840-1945. We also house many thousands of tools, toys, printing objects, design materials and other resources to collage, rubber stamp, perforate, crimp and create journals, books, cards, and unique printed matter.

Stop by, order some beautiful Letterpress printing, pick up a one of a kind gift, attend a class and enjoy this opportunity to step back in time, absorbing this visual feast!

Hours are Monday through Friday 9am-6pm by appointment, and at specific requested times on evenings or weekends.

You may request more information, inquire about classes or other opportunities
by submitting a request here or calling 415-934-6900

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